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Because orphans are among the most devalued and abused in the African culture, and face such oppression, it is the mission of Revival and Hope for Children Programme to  plant in the hearts of these Orphans that they are worthy.  It is reported that Both  girls wearing Clothes are much less likely to be abducted, abused or molested because the new pair of Clothe Covers them and shows that someone Protecting Them.

Revival and Hope for Children’s Programme provide clothing and footwear to the Orphans and Venerable Children’s. Any clothing and footwear that you would donate it will be of great value to the needy children. The children are of all ages between 0 and 15 and so any clothing of an appropriate size and quality will be suitable, Jackets, Shorts, Trousers, shirts, dress are needed or Buy one set of Clothes from $15 for a Child Click below on Donate Button

Revival and Hope for Children’s Programme  strategy is to provide personal hygiene education and products so that pupils can maintain their well-being, are comfortable, have settled morale and in turn are able to concentrate on their studies.

Revival and Hope for Children Programme we Believe the Best for our Children’s we have rescued should have both Clothes for Both season of  spring, summer, fall, and winter