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Revival and Hope for Children Programme  Believe Every child has a right to survival, growth and development ,every child has the inherent right to life and obligates the State to ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child. The right to health is one of the fundamental rights unfortunately this right remains unfulfilled for many East Africa children

Many orphans have no support and are forced to feed for themselves as well as their siblings. This includes maintaining a household, providing food and working to support themselves as well as fund education and medical costs. Yet, because of their young age, orphans are often unable to find any kind of stable income. Fear and stigmatization of diseases such as AIDS also contribute to unemployment.

East Africa have  had parents die from AIDS. Many of these children suffer from the disease such as AIDS continues to be a major epidemic in Africa, and the number of those affected continues to rise street children do not prefer going to rehabilitation facilities because they feel it is a waste of time and also they don’t like being controlled by other people in managing their life and freedom, But there is a need of training when their Come from street their have strange Behavior which need to be handled careful so that their Can’t bring it over to the Children in the Home already we take them through training for a month and much mentorship

The Common sickness/Disease infectious & parasitic diseases, illnesses of the respiratory system, nutritionally related diseases, and diseases of the digestive system. Tropical diseases are also widespread, including malaria, sleeping sickness, leprosy, and diseases of parasitic origin. Common illnesses also include pneumonia, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, and venereal diseases. Malaria is the greatest single cause of illness and death. Children are commonly afflicted by malaria, and many die of it, Bilharzia ranks second to malaria. It is transmitted by contaminated water, and Sleeping sickness is infected with the tsetse flies which transmit the disease. Transmission of pneumonia, usually by contact, is also a serious health problem, especially in areas of high population density

Physicians commit their entire careers towards treating This Children’s, on Our Team we have Volunteers surgeons, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and nurse anesthetists with Community Health workers that Help Making Things easy to Help Our children’s from street and in the Orphanage and other Time we conduct free medical Camp in Community

Currently Revival and Hope for Children’s Programme we don’t have our Own Clinic/Hospital But we have Plans Underway already we have located the place on Our Property where we have the Orphanage, and school we need to Raise $35,000 for Hospital/Clinic Building,Offices and Pharmacy with Wards Please Help Donate to have better health in E.Africa Communities We believe that building up these Hospital/Pharmacy  now will leave a lasting legacy of highly-trained, compassionate professionals to care for tens of millions of street Childrens,Orphans and Many people from Community